Bring your music to the next level by recording your work in a professionally designed acoustic space with pro engineers

Music Production

We bring your vision into reality by building the best sound possible. We have a wide range of experience and work with any genre

Mixing and Mastering

We work with the best tools: equalizers, compression, multi-band expansion, limiting, saturation, reverb, delay, and modulation Through careful examination we provide the best sound for your final product

Sound Design

We help you create and deliver the best quality sound for your project, such as recording dialog, sound effects and music

Audio Post Production

We care about giving your product the right emotion through proper communication. Voice, music, sound effect and sound design are thoroughly balanced in the process. We have been working for years in the TV industry and can assure full commitment in making the right choices to make your product shine

Podcast Recording

Our studio is fully equiped for your podcast production. We have years of experience in editing radio programs, which we are happy to put into practice for your next project

Commercial Voice Over

Bring us your commercials, we’ll create a catchy product for your business